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The World's Jeans Factory "Kojima"



Fellows with passionate craftsmanship at Kojima always seek for the creation of a superior pair of jeans. They competed to create quality products at a large number in the 80's, and to make the products ever closer to the genuine vintage jeans in the 90's. Its highly established skills of dyeing, weaving, and sewing achieved from those periods, and their pride of craftsmanship gained a very high global recognition which led Kojima as the most well-known brand in high quality jeans factory both domestically and internationally.

Jeans of High Quality at the Fair Price



Our wish is to continuously supplying the high quality jeans made by Kojima to the global market at the fair price. As we preset the annual production volume of our denim material, we weave accordingly with our highly trained sewing specialists to stabilize the production volume to achieve cost effectiveness and quality standardization for our products.

The Brand Value of Kojima Genes



Our product development goes as far as creating our own Kevlar denim material which offers extremely durable strength against tearing than most of the common denim, and we continue to offer greater value in the blue jeans. As we continuously seek for further possibilities in the denim material, we offer better fitted products to every life style of living which will increase the brand value of Kojima Genes.